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Shower & Bathrooms Tips

Where Do I Start?

This question almost always comes up on every bathroom project we do.  

"Ok, I’m redoing my master bathroom and want to change out my shower glass, fixtures, floors, etc. There’s so much to consider – can you put things in order for me? "


Step #1: Tear-out/Demolitionfriscobefore.jpg

The installer tears out your old tile and strips the walls down. He may leave it like this or put up the backerboard. You want to have your new shower valve/head ready by this initial stage for the plumber.

Step #2: Plumber

When doing a shower, the plumber needs to come in and change your valve out (if you are replacing your faucets and shower head).

He may also be required to reposition the shower head as it will no longer be centered. This happens if you plan on extending your shower pan. Be sure the shower head plumbing is re-aligned otherwise it will look LOL when it's done.


While he is there, he can also install things like tub faucets, sinks, commodes or anything else requiring plumbing on your remodel.

Critical: Get a plumber in advance so they don’t charge you a short notice fee. You will need to coordinate the plumbing here or...

Alternatively, I can take care of it all for you.

No tiling can begin on the shower until the plumbing is squared away.


Step #3: Shower gets built and tiled

Your shower has to be completely finished (tiled) before the glass/enclosure can even be measured. If there is just a slight discrepancy in the gap tolerance, that’s enough for water to seep through and give you a welcoming puddle every time you step out of your shower.

Once everything is finished, measuring for your new shower enclosure can begin.


The single most critical thing when redoing your shower is getting an installer that knows what they’re doing. You cannot "wing" a shower.

If the installer for example, doesn’t float the pan correctly and water manages to seep underneath, you’re going to have a dead animal smell (rotting materials) and water stains coming soon to a theatre near you.

If you are getting a built in shampoo box or seat built, make sure the installer gives them enough angle so water drips DOWN to the floor, and not straight so it simply gathers on top. Such a simple thing escapes so many installers.

The shower pan itself also needs to angle correctly towards the drain so water actually goes down the drain!


Step #4: Shower Glass2_after.jpg

Once this all done, your unit is pretty much ready. Your shower glass unit can be measured for and it usually takes between 7-10 days to order, cut and install it. In the meantime, any sealing of the tile (if doing natural stone) or grout can be done during this time.

One last tip...

Grout Lines

Some folks ask what they can do to minimize their grout uglying out. There are a few things:

  • Use a larger size tile. The bigger the tile, the fewer grout lines you have.
  • Using stone means your grout lines can be closed right up to a few credit cards thick. If you go with tile and want the least amount of grout lines, go with a rectified tile. That allows for the narrowest grout lines possible on a tile.
  • If you really want to, you can seal your grout which can help with stain resistance.

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